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The PUB file extension is generally used by the Microsoft Publisher application, which is part of the Microsoft Office product package. This file format can include various objects, such as graphics, images, and formatted text, among others.

You can open PUB file with Microsoft Publisher of compatible version. Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software from Microsoft which is available for sale from Microsoft both as standalone app and as part of Microsoft Office package.

Besides Microsoft Publisher you can open PUB files with LibreOffice, OpenOffice Draw, and CorelDraw. Since .PUB files are compressed files it is also possible to use WinZIP or WinRAR as PUB file opener. But it is not recommended because information inside PUB files could be encoded and you won’t be able parse any data from uncompressed PUB file.

PUB files are frequently used on websites and in the process of generating templates for email messages. Information in PUB files is stored in a proprietary format, supported by a limited number of applications; therefore, presenting results outside of Microsoft Publisher program can be a problem. A user who wants to show the content of a PUB file that they have created, must have the same application installed.

However, such circumstances can be avoided by following these suggestions:

  • Export the PUB document to HTML format, which makes it accessible through the common internet browser. In this case you will be able to show your project outside the Microsoft Publisher software. You can also edit HTML directly later.
  • If a project is primarily text based and does not contain many multimedia elements, a PUB file can be stored as a DOCX file. The text format will remain the same, however the graphic or page layout may not be included.
  • Finally, if it is necessary to edit the received PUB file, the last option is to install the program that provides support, either the original, or the free or open options available.

Below is a list of software which can open PUB files:

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If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.

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  Microsoft Publisher File
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  Apache OpenOffice